4th of July Sale!

Almocado wishes you a Happy Independence day!

To celebrate with our loyal US customers we’re offering discounted shipping of just £10.00 on all orders placed between midnight on July 3rd and midnight on July 4th.

Here’s a snapshot of your feedback:
“Shipping stings but I keep coming back because your products are just that good!”

“Yummy, Yummy Yummy! Love it. I can’t wait to wash my hair with Almocado’s products! ”

“My hair used to shed a lot and was quite dry but since using Almocado the shedding has stopped”

“My locs are cleaner, smell better and feel so soft!”

“Love the Peppermint Tea moisture mist – it has a fresh minty smell just perfect for refreshing my

Sisterlocks after a workout at the gym. I love it, love it, love it”

“Almocado products are not too heavy and work really well on my bi-racial curls. Recommended!”

“Loved your shampoo! Even cut open the bottle so I didn’t waste a single drop!!”
The £ is at it’s lowest since the 1980’s, so the exchange rate is in your favour! Combined with reduced shipping costs this is a great time to try Almocado for the first time or stock up on your favourites.

Just remember – the sale is for ONE DAY ONLY! Don’t miss it!

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It’s Back: Stimulating Aromatherapy Shampoo for Hair Loss ( & hair growth!)

I’m happy to announce the return of one of our aromatherapy shampoos, originally launched in 2012, now reformulated and back for Christmas

All Almocado shampoos are pH balanced to protect the outer mantle of the hair shaft, while offering deep but gentle cleansing with ‘greener’ surfactants, approved by the Soil Association and ECOCERT bodies.

This handmade shampoo is infused with organic Rosemary essential oil to fight dandruff and stimulate growth, alongside organic Cedarwood oil widely reported to have antibacterial, fungicidal and antiseptic properties, and play a role in regulating sebum production – a winning combination to promote a healthy scalp and strong hair.


Suitable for for all hair types. Works well with the Herbal Moisture Mist and the Follicle Energising Organic Oil Blend.

Please note – this shampoo is 100% hand made and as such there may be slight variations between batches.


Get yours here http://almocado.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=31&products_id=162

Search online for @almocado (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook)

Autumn Event Schedule (2015)

Aside from the existing open days at the workshop – you’ll be able to pick up your goodies at the following events this autumn.


These events require online registration, please visit the following sites for further information:


2inspire’s Winter Fayre in Croydon:


2inspire winter fayreSkin

M&H Gifted Corners Market in Barking:



United Kurls Lounge n Learn 3: The Christmas Edition



United Kurls LL3

Video Review of the First Lounge & Learn Event

I am a proud member of the United Kurls collective of UK brands focusing on handmade haircare products.

This weekend we hosted our first Lounge & Learn event in Westfields (Stratford), London, and I presented a workshop with Akua Wood of The Shea Butter Cottage entitled “Is it Worth It?” which explained why handmade/natural products cost more than more established brands and also gave an introduction into reading the labels/understanding exactly what is in the products you buy.

Georgina from That Healthy Feeling filmed our Lounge & Learn event yesterday and I think it’s a brilliant intro to the member brands of the United Kurls collective.

Check it out below and make sure you click on the like button so she knows you appreciate her sharing this!



New Product: Apricot Argan & Meadowfoam Milk

New Product: – Apricot, Argan & Meadowfoam Milk 


A light but intense moisture milk to quench & nourish dry hair.
Suitable for all hair types (curly, wavy, kinky, coily), relaxed, natural or locked. 

Easily absorbed without greasy residue.

Available at www.almocado.com/shop



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Anyone for Tea?

Tea anyone?




Our Peppermint Tea hydrating moisture mists contain aloe vera and silk proteins and are now fortified with burdock rock, horsetail and marshmallow for an even healthier treat for your hair. 

Peppermint and Tea Tree  Essential Oils help fight itchiness, and keep the hair and scalp smelling fresh and clean. 

Order yours online at www.almocado.com/shop 

Happy Birthday Almocado!

We are happy to be celebrating 5 years in business.

Grateful for every customer, every sale. Every up and every down. Grateful for the lessons learned and happy to see the works of our hands prospering.

#blessed and #grateful.



Happy Easter

The joy of Easter is in the resurrection. May today mark a turning point for you – ushering in a new season of faith, hope and renewal.

Happy Easter@from Almocado.com


Skincare Feedback- Antioxidant Face Cream

This message reminded me never to give up!

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